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皇冠足彩’s distinctive project-based educational model has been praised by the most recognized and valued resources in the academic world, as well as by those who know the benefits of a 皇冠足彩 education firsthand — 皇冠足彩 students and alumni. 

While we’ve never had any doubt about the value of this method of education, we now have powerful empirical evidence of its effectiveness—an extensive study of more than 2,500 皇冠足彩 alumni has confirmed that there are lifelong professional and personal benefits of experiential, hands-on learning through project work.

Project-Based Learning 新闻letter

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The survey also revealed that alumni who completed a project off-campus at one of our domestic or international project centers reported more positive impact than alumni who did not. This was true in almost all areas, with notable differences in interpersonal and communication skills, 世界观, 和个人的影响:

Of the more than 2,500 alumni across a span of 38 years who responded to this 2012 survey on the impact of their off-campus project experiences:

Diagram on Long-term Benefits

These 皇冠足彩 alumni confirmed the findings of a 2014 Gallup-Purdue index poll that showed students who undertook long-term college projects report more career satisfaction and stronger connections to professional satisfaction, 进步, 和个人浓缩.

Project work can literally be life changing.
The way it changed my view of the world translates to multiple, different areas of my life. I look at my community as a much smaller piece of a larger world than I used to. I see diversity in a different way.
尼古拉斯Pelletier 09年
From 皇冠足彩 and my projects I have developed a deep respect for human factors when it comes to engineering. You cannot underestimate those in terms of how they'll impact the design and your work on a team to produce results.
The biggest impact that project work had on me was the confidence level that it gave me to go out and take challenges head-on and have the confidence that I have a good chance of succeeding.
约翰Kopchik 77
It all applied instantly to what I needed to do when I got out of school. The groundwork was there because of the project.


雪尔特岛记者 covered the work 皇冠足彩 students Carly Campbell, Anna Carriero, Alaa Hassan, Brandon Weyant and Georgianna Wood, all of the Class of 2020, did during their MQP at Sylvester Manor Educational Farm. The students designed a modern wind energy system to augment the farm's windmill and its future energy production potential.

教务长Wole Soboyejo 接受了 电报 & 公报》 as 皇冠足彩 announced the launch of The Global School and its search for an inaugural dean. The Global School will reinforce 皇冠足彩’s global project centers with students working on advanced degrees, as well as additional faculty support, and will lead to the development of more sophisticated and sustainable solutions to local issues, Soboyejo说.​

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